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Art inspired by nature / wearable art / art to admire.

Hello there – my name is Emily and my shop was inspired by a robin called Larry – it’s a long story!  He lived in my garden, took over my life, I photographed him every day and he inspired me to make jewellery out of his many portraits!  I am a trained fine artist, I have a BA and MA in Fine Art – it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do!  So it’s great I’m able to share my love and passion through my art to you!

I create original colourful wildlife art either to hang on your wall or even to wear!  I’m obsessed with the natural world and all the variation of creatures and colour and always strive to paint something different – but I do have a huge love for birds, foxes, whales and hares!  And did I mention robins? 

Shop owner Larryware