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Jurassic Coast Jewels

Jurassic Coast Jewels

Hello. My name is Louise Fuller and my shop is called Jurassic Coast Jewels. When I first moved to Dorset I fell in love with the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, and was fascinated by the intricate beauty of the fossils and sea glass to be found there. Each piece seemed to me to be a jewel in its own right. I started collecting, and making jewellery was a natural next step.

For my ‘Beachcomber Range’ I use sea glass, sea pottery and fossils that I have collected from the beaches of the Jurassic Coast to make many types of jewellery, including: pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Ammonite and crinoid fossils and sea shells and marine creatures are recurring themes in my jewellery.

But it is not just the beach! I am also passionate about all things natural, so my ‘Silver Garden’ collection is inspired by the world of plants, insects, birds and animals that I see in my garden and in the local Dorset countryside.

I often work with precious metal clay – an ecological product using silver that has been recycled from the photographic and dental industries. When this is fired in the kiln, the result is beautiful solid silver, often with intricate designs. The ammonites and shells that I make are exact replicas of ones that I have found. 

If you love the beach and the sea and have happy seaside memories, take a look at my jewellery. I hope that you will find something to lift your heart and make you happy.

Shop owner Louise Fuller