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ju-venna jewellery

ju-venna jewellery

Hello, welcome to ju-venna jewellery,

All of my jewellery is designed and hand crafted using a variety of materials. I love to combine different metals of silver, copper and brass in my jewellery designs as they all complement each other really well.                      
Nature is a main area of inspiration, as you will see flowers, trees, bees and butterflies appear in some of my jewellery pieces. The meaning of ‘Venna’ is ‘butterfly’, Venna being my middle name and my mother’s name, so I think it’s quite apt that butterflies do appear somewhere!

You will also notice the moon and stars… oh yes and hearts… just about anything that inspires me! 

I think everybody values unique, original designs because they want something different! It makes you feel good knowing you are wearing a hand crafted individual piece of jewellery ~ I hope you enjoy browsing my jewellery collections! 

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