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Jewellery by Philippa Reid

Jewellery by Philippa Reid

 Welcome to my shop, Jewellery by Philippa Reid.  I’m Philippa, a quilling artist with a passion for designing and hand-crafting distinctive items of jewellery which are unusual, eye-catching and supremely comfortable to wear!

At first glance, you might easily think that many of the necklace and earring charms you see in my shop have been created using gold and silversmithing techniques, but look again … believe it or not, all of them are actually made from PAPER!!

The materials I use are narrow strips of paper, many of which have been edged with special finishes that give the appearance of precious metals.   I roll and shape the paper in my fingers using traditional skills which have been practised by quillers since the Sixteenth Century.

All my pieces are coated with a special varnish which makes them incredibly strong and water-resistant. 

Being made from paper, they are also blissfully light to wear.  In fact, it’s easy to forget that you are wearing the earrings at all … even the largest pendants and medallions will not weigh you down!

In addition, of course, they also make perfect First (‘Paper’) Wedding Anniversary gifts!

I team my charms with stylish necklaces that complement the quilling, giving a contemporary ‘look’ to every piece.  All earring posts and wires are 100% Sterling Silver.  For my drop earrings, I shape, hammer and smooth the Sterling Silver wires by hand.

Each purchase is presented in an attractive black organza bag inside a smart black gift box.  If you are buying an item as a gift and would like me to send it direct to the recipient with a personalised gift tag, just fill in your chosen message when you select an item and I will be happy to take care of this for you.

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