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Hogwash Soap

Hogwash Soap

I have 12 years’ experience of soap making .Hogwash is a cold process soap made in the traditional way, here in our North Devon workshop.

I blend natural plant oils, add gorgeous essential oils, and botanicals and stir by hand. The more time and care you put into making soap, the better the bar. When it is ready I pour into wooden moulds and left to cure for at least 4 weeks before I cut , stamp and wrap it in FairTrade hand made paper.

Hogwash Soap’s high oil content means that it works to protect the skin, not strip it of its natural oils. Most commercial soap has its oils extracted, making it harder and harsher, also cheaper. Making good quality soap is an art and you will notice the difference.

I have had eczema all my life, back in the day it was called dermatitis, and as a child it popped up all around my body in sore red dry patches. Moisturisers and bath products just exacerbated it. There is no medical cure for eczema it seems, but I now know that with gentle soap and regular moisturising, the skin has a fighting chance to heal itself.
I have developed the whole HOGWASH RANGE  because it works for me!

There is a WASH for body, hands and bath time, and MOISTURE CREAM for hands , face and body. BATH SALTS and BATH BOMBS for the time you just need that little relaxing treat.

Everything is made with sensitive skin in mind.

After years of avoiding fragranced bath products, I now don’t !

I hope you feel the same.

Shop owner Hogwash Soap