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Handcrafted Notebooks

Handcrafted Notebooks

Welcome to Handcrafted Notebooks. My bookbinding adventure started in 2012, when my eldest daughter, who was studying for an Art Degree at the time, introduced me to the art of bookbinding.  Initially I made them for myself, until friends suggested that they were so unique, people would buy them.  I joined a local craft market group and sure enough, people did want to buy them! Handcrafted Notebooks was born. Each notebook is lovingly handmade from scratch using traditional bookbinding methods, good quality paper, tactile cotton fabrics, faux leather and eco-friendly cork fabric.  I thoroughly enjoy making each and every notebook that comes off my table. I also love it when someone contacts me and starts with … “is it possible ….”. Of course it is, just ask.

I hope you enjoy browsing.  Please do get in touch if you have any questions or can’t see what you’re looking for. Always happy to take custom orders.

I can also ship worldwide so if your home country isn’t accepted at checkout, please contact me so that I can make the necessary changes.

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