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CreArtive Design

CreArtive Design

Thank you for popping into my shop.
My whole life story is about drawing, knitting, crocheting, sewing, designing and creating with passion and love. This is the way of expressing myself.

Because I love what I do, you then can see the effects of my passion and attention to detail are reflecting on my products. They are all unique and created with respect.

I use top-end materials to work on, ensuring durability, quality and creativity. I must love the end result before offering it for your eyes. I am sure you will find something you like. If not, then contact me.

Drop me your messages, and then I will do my best to work with you to bring your wishes to life.

I can happily prepare every order as a gift and add your message to a little card. If you have a specific gift wrapping idea, please do let me know. Lets see what can I do for you 🙂 

Thank you


  • Macrame Candle Holder Dressing

    Macramé Candle Holder, Vase, Lantern, Jar Dressing Decor

    Sale! £12.00 £10.00
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  • Macrame-Long-Plant-Hanger-main

    Macrame, long plant hanger, plant hugger, plant holder

    Sale! £42.00 £30.00
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  • Macrame Plant Hanging with Beads

    Macrame, plant hanger, plant hugger

    Sale! £31.00 £25.00
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  • Blue eye beads macrame wall decor

    Blue eye beads macrame wall decor with coral tassel

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  • blue crochet net bag

    Crochet Net String Baby Blue Summer Bag

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  • Crochet Net String White Shoulder Bag

    Crochet Net String White Shoulder Bag – Summer

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  • Macrame Keyrings with beads

    Macramé Keyrings with beads

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  • Boho style macrame runner

    Macrame Runner, Boho style decoration, Rustic Wedding Decoration

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  • Belly dancer macrame runner

    Belly dancer Macrame Runner, decoration

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  • cotton macrame crochet runner

    Cotton Macrame Crochet Runner

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  • macrame-heart-shape-wall-hanging

    Heart with bead Macramé Wall Décor

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  • purple-pink-tassels

    Pink and Burgundy Wrapped Macramé Tassel Wall Décor

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