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Bearhouse Beads

Bearhouse Beads

My name is Tina Smith, and as a Lampwork glass beadmaker I get to play with fire all day long! I have been making beads for just over  11 years, initially as a hobby, but then realising my dream and going full-time just over 2 years ago.

Every bead starts as a rod of glass, which is then melted in a flame and transformed by manipulating colours and shapes, with sometimes unexpected results. Once finished, the bead is then put in a kiln overnight for controlled cooling, which ensures there are no molecular weaknesses which could cause it to crack later. 

Next, I clean and inspect each bead, to make sure that they are of high enough quality, before I turn them into wearable jewellery using sterling silver findings.   (Larger items are then submitted for hallmarking, in accordance with UK law, although this does not apply to the majority of my items).  Only then will the unique piece of jewellery be put up for sale. 

My designs are often influenced by the beautiful coastline and countryside of west Wales, where I am lucky enough to live. I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and Glass Beadmakers UK.

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