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Art by Joanne Spencer

Art by Joanne Spencer

Hello, I’m the Joanne in Art by Joanne Spencer. 

I create Limited Edition reduction Lino prints, this means you use one block of Lino to create your images, removing parts of the Lino between each layer of colour to end up with a coherent picture – or that’s my intention.  If you purchase one of the Lino prints you are purchasing an original piece of art, I don’t take them to a printer to get copies, if I end up with 7 good prints from a run you will get one of the 7, there will be no more.

I also paint using watercolours and acrylics.  As you only end up with one painting I do have those made into limited edition artist prints.  It will be clear in the description that is what you are going to receive.  I only make 30 limited edition prints with my paintings.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art.


Shop owner Joanne