Sellers will be required to pay the following types of fees. Please note that all fees are inclusive of your price to list and listings do not expire. 

Monthly/Annual Fee

This is payable in advance and there is a reduction in the monthly fee for shops that choose to pay annually. Annual payments mean that Sellers will receive 12 months for the price of 10. Sellers on a monthly payment plan are able to upgrade or downgrade their shop at the end of their current month. This is not possible with an annual payment. The reduction in annual fee reflect Sellers showing commitment to TBCH and allows us to build up momentum with your shop. There are no separate listing fees.

Transaction Fees

When you make a sale through TBCH, you will be charged a transaction fee of 7.2% commission (inc VAT)  We do not charge a % on postage. We charge commission as it as important to us that you get sales as it is to you. Often when sites don’t charge commission but take your money upfront there is little incentive for them to help you make sales.

Payment Processing Fees

We use Stripe to process our payments. They take 1.4% plus 20p per transaction.