Please ensure that you have read the T’s & C’s in the shop that you are buying from regarding dispatch times and delivery methods.

We would expect for your buying journey to be seamless, from your arrival at the website to your purchased goods arriving at your door.

In the extremely rare event of a shop not delivering the goods, we recommend that in the first instance that you contact the Seller to see if there has been a problem. If you have a tracking number then check this to see if your parcel has been delayed or lost by the Post Office. The Seller will want this to arrive with you as much as you do so we ask for your patience, especially if it is an issue beyond their control.

Should there be an instance where you need to cancel the order, you can request a refund from the seller, you can do this using the ‘Ask a Question’ button in the vendor’s shop on this site. 

Please make sure you inform TBCH via [email protected] so that we can take action.