Redheadwondering Hand Bound Books … An Introduction!

Hey there! My name is Lizzie and I create beautiful hand bound
books because I believe that your words are worth it!

The books I create are perfect for journals and diaries, for
sketchbooks and photograph albums. These books can be whatever you want them to

I make the covers from original cyanotype prints, which I create
using wildflowers and sunshine and a little bit of alchemy! I use Coptic
stitching to bind the books together.

Each book is unique and made entirely by hand.

So, what is a journal?

It’s your story, your history, your present moment. It’s a gateway
into who you really are and how you really feel. It’s a place to play and a
place to get down to some serious work. Keeping a journal, whether you do it
every day, once a week, or only in moments of strong emotions, good or bad, can
be so many of these things, and so much more. Keeping a journal is meditation,
it’s a place where you can open up a dialogue with your inner self, or your
inner child, or your inner crazy-person-who-just-needs-to-rant!!

For me, keeping a journal has always been my link to myself, a
place where I can be my true self, and a space for me to explore what I might

My home has always been filled with notebooks that I use as
journals. I confess, I’m an unashamed stationary addict! A couple of years ago,
I was lucky enough to do a Coptic bookbinding workshop with an amazing local
artist, Isa Carmona, and I was totally hooked on making my own, completely
personal and unique journals. Trouble was, once I started, I just couldn’t
stop, so all of my friends started to receive gifts of journals and commonplace
books and sketchbooks! Then people wanted to buy them, to gift to their
friends… And so, the idea for this Etsy shop was born.


Coptic binding

Coptic binding was used by early Christians in Egypt, the Copts,
and was used from as early as the 2nd century AD to the 11th century. Coptic
bindings were characterized by one or more sections of parchment, papyrus, or
paper sewn through their folds, and (if more than one section) attached to each
other with chain stitch linkings across the spine.

The modern-day tradition is to have 7 sections or “signatures”,
each of which has 8 pages, and this is the layout I use for most of my books.
But I have made some much thicker than that, which people have used for diaries
and bullet journals.



My other creative passion is photography, and early in 2020, I got
interested in alternative photographic development techniques. I bought my
first small bottles of cyanotype chemicals, and hey presto … a new passion was
born and lots of experimenting with cyanotypes began. It seemed an obvious next
step to use my cyanotype prints for the covers of my journals.


I use local wildflowers or flowers from my garden as the subjects
for the cyanotype prints; I sometimes use dyes or salt or even coriander and
pepper in the development process. Each print is completely unique, which
means, when you buy one of my cyanotype books, you are getting something that
no one else will ever have.



I have produced some cards using photographs of original cyanotype
prints. I also have cards created using my photographs of this wonderful Wessex
land that I call home.


And Why “Redheadwondering”?

Well, I have red hair, so that’s the first part. The “wondering”
part was suggested by my lovely, author husband, many moons ago when I was
trying to come up with a name for my blog, which is meant to be a journal-type
blog about my photography, with general musings and “wonderings”! I’m the
world’s worst blogger, so don’t get too excited! But I am usually full of
wonder as I wander around my adopted home of Wiltshire … wonder at how
beautiful it is, wonder at how I got to be so lucky!

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