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White Metal Planter, Long, Narrow recycled, repurposed metal MetalGardenPlanters


A repurposed, recycled metal handmade garden planter, in a smooth bright white. 

Designed to be suitable for small area, or a window ledge, ideal for a lovely row of yellow and orange marigolds, or some rocket leaves perhaps.

Handmade to order, so the lead time from placing an order is around a week, I do post using a UK Mainland courier service in a couple of days. 

This is an opportunity to purchase a handmade, of my own design, repurposed, recycled steel coated metal roofing material, I don’t mass produce, I sell direct never via Garden centres so this does make the planters a conversation piece if nothing else, why don’t you dare to be different 🙂

The material is 0.7mm gauge polyester. The planter isn’t too heavy, but is sturdy, and very suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The planter has been designed with a rubber trim gripping the top edge, and is manufactured in 2 parts which are riveted together on the rear seam. This means that the base rests on the front inner of the box it isn’t water tight. 

To enable it to be waterproof the planter would need to be lined with something like a pond liner, but anything will do, even some kitchen foil! 

Approx Size; 

12cm (120mm) High

94.5cm (945mm) Long

12cm (12mm) Deep 

Please do read more about the the material, in the description below. 

5 in stock (can be backordered)

I will happily gift wrap in clear cellophane with white dots, then brown paper and ribbon, if you would like a note adding please select the Gift Card option and let me know what message to send.

I will happily despatch directly, and include your message at no additional charge.
This will be a simple plain note containing any message you ask. If you would like me to wrap the item in cellophane and brown paper with ribbon please select the gift wrap option also.



Vendor: Fiona
Fab Linc Ltd, Unit 1, Site 4
Alma Park Road
NG31 9SE
07837 355170

This is a super popular colour, usually used for internal roof linings.  Due to the nature of my repurposing the material I use is likely to have the odd scratch,  which is mainly why it was originally destined for the scrap heap.

I would like to stress the surface marks in no way detrimental to its usefulness as a planter. Just remember these marks are all unique to your planter, and you are helping the environment in a small way by purchasing my repurposed roofing materials. 

All of the planters are handmade by me, owing to the nature of the process the measurements given are as accurate as I can be, this is really important, so I do stress the fact as I am not a robot manufacturing 100’s of these they will all be slightly different, meaning completely unique. 

The planters are so incredibly versatile, to use indoor or outdoor, for window boxes, roof top gardens, patio areas to give height, depth and a snap of colour to a small area, with the bonus of being totally portable so if you move, they can also. 

The material I use is left over from the manufacture of flashings, the piece of metal you can see around the edge of an industrial building where the wall meets the roof, or across the centre of the roof as a ridge as a couple of examples. This means the material is extremely durable, unlikely to crack in cold snaps of weather, and available in a small range of colours enabling you to give your area no matter how big or small a contemporary feel. 

Owing to the simple design structure the planters they are not waterproof, the base rests on a base ledge around the bottom so will allow water to drain away naturally. If you need them to be waterproof I can supply a pond liner for you to cut and fit to shape internally, I would also recommend that you get some some stones / pebbles as a base layer, then soil on top with your chosen seeds / bulbs, or just throw a gro-bag in and get started. 

As the planters are made from prime industrial roofing material, which would of otherwise been destined for the scrap bin it means that each piece may have the odd scratch, dint, mark nothing detrimental to its new purpose I do try to avoid pieces with marks when possible, but I make this point because you are investing in a recycled, repurposed item, so will be as pictured.  

Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)

Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks


Shipping Policy

ParcelForce is my main provider for UK shipping I will provide a tracking number, I do try to use recycled cardboard boxes where possible to minimise the impact on the environment.


Refund Policy

All of my items are handmade to order, so if there is a issue with your order please contact me in the first instance so that we may discuss a solution.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 94.5 × 12 cm