Multi-Strand Astrology Necklace in Gemstone Beads

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Price shown is for a 3-strand necklace. Price for 2-strand necklace is £47. Price for 4-strand necklace is £71 – price automatically corrected once order boxes are completed.

Multi-strand necklace in gemstone beads in which each strand represents a different person or maybe an event such as a wedding day. This makes it a very personal and wearable gift.

A 2-strand necklace with a strand for each member of a couple for Valentine’s Day…
A 3-strand necklace with a strand for each member of a couple and a third strand for the date of their wedding…
or a 3-strand or 4-strand necklace with strands for a mother and her children for Mothers’ Day or as a special gift any time.

In the multi-strand astrology necklace each strand depicts a different astrological chart. Since these charts are then joined together in one necklace they are usually chosen to represent loved ones or a special occasion.

This necklace is created in the floating style giving it a light appearance.

Please scroll down to Details below for more information.

Please note that occasional props shown in images are NOT included in the sale.

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How many strands do you require in your necklace? * 

What information is required?

For a 2-strand necklace`, please complete ONLY sections headed “Strand 1” and “Strand 2” plus any “Additional Information” and “Background for Printed Chart”
For a 3-strand necklace please complete sections headed “Strand 1”, “Strand 2” and “Strand 3” plus any “Additional Information” and “Background for Printed Chart”
For a 4-strand necklace please complete all boxes.

Strand 1

These are the details required in order to draw up the chart that will be depicted in the first strand of the necklace.

Strand 2

These are the details required in order to draw up the chart that will be depicted in the second strand of the necklace.

Strand 3

These are the details required in order to draw up the chart that will be depicted in the third strand of the necklace. Only complete the Strand 3 boxes if you are ordering a necklace with 3 or 4 strands.

Strand 4

These are the details required in order to draw up the chart that will be depicted in the 4th strand of the necklace. Only complete the Strand 4 boxes if you are ordering a necklace with 4 strands.

Background for Printed Chart (see main images above) * 

Additional Information

If an exact time is known for any of the births or events listed please note them here adding to which strand (1.2. 3 or 4) they refer.

Please write message for gift card here

Item will be shipped in 2-3 weeks
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For each one of us the date and place of our birth is different. An astrological birth chart reflects this and our individuality. It’s simply a map of the zodiac at your moment of birth. 

This is a personalised astrology necklace created in the floating style. It is available with either two, three or four strands.

Some suggestions for what the strands may represent:
2 strands – one strand for each member of a couple – the strands being based on the birth charts of each 
3 strands – either one strand for each member of a couple and the third strand representing the date of their wedding  OR
One strand representing a mother and a strand each for two of her children
4 strands – usually strands represent four family members such as a mother and her three children or perhaps four siblings etc. 

What the necklace consists of

After astrological birth or event charts are drawn up, the strands are created one by one. The chart itself is represented by the silver coloured bead wire and the various beads representing sign cusps and planets are secured in position with crimps. 

The zodiac sign cusps are marked with 4mm pale blue Swarovski crystal bicone beads fixed at regular intervals. A labelled image of a section of a multi-strand gemstone bead necklace is shown.

Most planet beads are 6mm but in 3-strand or 4-strand necklaces if there is one strand which is more important or different from the others (such as the date of the wedding in a 3-strand necklace, or that of the mother in a necklace with her children with her children) then that strand has 8mm planet beads. The difference in size is not huge and can be seen in one of the images.

Only 8 planets – those known as the “personal planets” – are shown in this necklace. This is because the remaining three outer planets move very slowly and would most probably all sit in much the same position on all strands making it appear cluttered. Since these planets are regarded astrologically as representative of an entire generation they have been omitted in this very personal necklace.

The 8 included planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. The different gemstone bead representing each planet was chosen because it had certain qualities attributed to it which were similar to those associated in astrology with that planet. (There are details of these on the Ooak Gifts website)

The length of the necklace (shortest strand) is approximately 50cm but this can be extended by up to 5cms with the extension chain at the clasp.

Other information that comes with it

Each necklace comes in a presentation box along with a copy of the combined chart and information sheets so the recipient is able to identify the various parts of the necklace. There are currently two background options for the printed chart – blue skies or cherry blossom – very appropriate for necklaces featuring a wedding. (options shown in images)

PLEASE NOTEThe positioning of the planet beads within the necklace is determined by their positions in the sky on the actual day of birth or event as depicted in the astrological chart. In some charts these may tend to cluster whilst in others they may be quite scattered. The clasp is sited so as to allow the majority of the planet beads to be at the front part when worn.

When I first designed this necklace I called it the “Loved Ones” necklace. I have since changed the name to something which is more recognisable although it still bears its original name on my website where there is more information about it than I have space to include here.


In order to cast the astrological chart showing the day or moment of birth of the people represented by a strand of the necklace I need to know their date of birth and the place (nearest town). If a time of birth is available this can provide more accurate placement of the bead representing the Moon but this is not essential if not known.

Boxes are provided for the required information to be completed before checkout.


This is a personalised item made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
If a necklace is required more urgently for a special occasion I may be able to deliver it sooner – please ask.
If, on receipt of an order, I am aware of any possible delay you will be notified immediately and given the option of cancelling the order. 

Other astrology-based necklaces you may be interested in

I offer an alternative version of this necklace featuring Swarovski crystal beads instead of semi-precious gemstone beads.

There is also a single-strand beaded astrology necklace  in either gemstone beads or Swarovski crystals. This necklace represents a single birth chart and is a very wearable yet very personal necklace for every day.

Other information about me

From time to time I write blog articles about different aspects of the things I make and how I came to make them.

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