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This personalised keepsake doll is created to celebrate a special occasion in someone’s life. Such an occasion might be a graduation ceremony, a stage performance, an athletic event, a visit to a Palace garden party, etc. The examples shown here are those of a PhD graduation and a ballet performance, but a doll could be created for any special occasion. (There are separate listings for bride and bridesmaid dolls associated with weddings)

Details for the creation of the doll are provided by the buyer usually in the form of photographs.  Each doll is approximately 40cm/16ins tall.  More details are given below.

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Keepsake dolls are made to order. They take many hours of work and require at least 3 weeks between order and dispatch.

Creation of a doll

This doll is created usually from a photograph provided by the customer. The main aim is to re-create the memorable clothing, hairstyle etc. The doll ‘s face is a standard design. 

The basic doll is handmade in calico and measures approximately 40cm tall. 

The colour of the doll’s eyes, hair and skin can be chosen from a limited range.

The doll’s clothing is not made to be removed.  

Neither the doll nor its clothing should be washed. Should cleaning ever be required this should be specialist dry cleaning.

Each doll takes many hours to create. If the customer has some remnants of the original fabric for the clothing in question this may be suitable to use provided it is not too thick. Many fabrics don’t lend themselves readily to creating garments on a much smaller scale and can be too bulky. If a suitable fabric is not provided by the customer, I will endeavour to find an alternative that appears as close to the original as possible.

These dolls are display items and are well suited to being kept on the bed or on a chair in the bedroom as were the boudoir dolls of the 1920s. I have written a short blog article about these and boudoir dolls in general.

There is more information about these dolls on my website. 


Dolls must be ordered by completing the checkout details on this page. However, work on a doll only begins once payment in full has been received and I have been in contact with you about details and have clarified any points I am unsure about with you. If you change your mind before work begins you may request a full refund. Once you have agreed my proposal by email and work begins cancellation and refunds are no longer possible.

If you wish to discuss any aspect before placing your order or need further information please contact me using the “Ask a Question” button on this page.

Other variations of this doll can be found in the Ooak Gifts shop.

PLEASE NOTE: These dolls are collectibles. They are not designed to be played with by children.

This is a personalised item so it cannot be returned for a refund unless found to be faulty.

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