Upholstered Furniture

  • Four nautically inspired French dining chairs

    Four Antique French Dining/Bedroom Chairs with Seaside Inspired Designs

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  • Georgian chair with unique embroidered Burghley House design

    Georgian Chair with Unique Embroidered Design of Burghley House

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  • Georgian settle with embroidered seasons

    Georgian Settle or Hallway Bench with Unique Embroidered Design of the Four Seasons

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  • dressing table stool

    Green Dressing Table Stool/Footstool with Summer Hares Design

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  • Silver Grey Bench Seat with Embroidered Moonlight Horses

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  • Antique Chair with embroidered hare design

    Stunning Antique Chair with Unique Embroidered Moon Gazing Hare Design

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  • Window Seat Cushions Made to Order

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