Packaging my Suncatchers

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I have three types of ‘container’ dependent absolutely on the size of the suncatcher.

      1.   Small Suncatchers

These are stored in my microwave lidded containers, like those used for your
Chinese takeaway. I buy them new of course (250 at a time) as I wouldn’t want your
suncatcher to arrive lightly smelling of sweet and sour pork 

I put a strong suction hook in the bottom, then a length of small bubblewrap
padding, the suncatcher carefully on top and then the lid. Job done.

      Packed like this I can see what is in each box when I need to find the
      suncatchers which have been ordered in my storage crates and they will sit safe,
      dry and warm inside their box. 

      When it comes to post it out all I need to do is wrap the bubble wrap round the
       suncatcher, put the suction hook and my business card on top, lid on and then
       pop it into a padded envelope for posting.

      And the customer can use the container for storage so it’s a win win.

2.  Medium Suncatchers

     If it won’t fit into the small container then hopefully it fits into my medium sized square
     containers. These are much harder to get hold of and sometimes I panic that I won’t
     be able to get more and empty the shelves in the discount store of them just in  case  
    These are also food containers but more accommodating size-wise for circular
    and bigger suncatchers.

     I pack these the same except more bubblewrap needed as they are more spacious. 
     Again they fit into padded envelopes so I can get orders out pretty quickly when I need to.

3.  Bigger Suncatchers

       Suncatchers which are too big for the boxes have to go into A5 clear popper wallets. It is very
       important to me that I can see what is in each container so I never use cardboard boxes.

I put compressed bubblewrap in the back of the wallets
for padding, a suction hook and then the suncatcher comfortably on top.  Posting these out needs more ‘care’ as the wallets
don’t provide the same protection as my microwave boxes.

When I send these out I double wrap the suncatcher within the wallet with compressed bubble and also wrap the outer wallet with big bubble wrap then strengthen with cardboard.

      I can’t think of anything worse than a customer opening a parcel and finding a broken
       suncatcher inside so I pack well enough that I don’t even wince if I drop a
       parcel on the hard Post Office floor J

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When all my latest makes are packed in their containers I pack them away in my storage crates where I can pretty quickly find any suncatchers which have been ordered as the crates
and packaging is all see-through.

My garage is full of packaging material. Padded envelopes, bubble wrap
(3 types), stacks of packaging I have received and saved to reuse and then cardboard
boxes for bigger suncatchers and orders for more than one suncatcher.

My lovely local post office is a great source for cardboard boxes and I often post out in
biscuit outers or even boxes labelled as bleach J. The local garden centre has boxes
for me too and if I’m really quick I can get the odd one from Tesco shelf-stackers…
but they are so quick to flatten a box once emptied I have to work fast to grab those 

I print my parcel labels on the computer and copy / paste the address so it goes to the
address the customer provides. I use a big bold font and I cover the label in
sellotape to make sure it remains entirely legible.
Then a return label on the back of my package and off to the post office.

This seems to work well. I can honestly say I have had very very few post problems in the
13+ years I have been selling my glass online.

I always buy my postage at the local post office counter as I need to keep it open and in business.  If that were to close I would have to drive 5 miles and pay to park to use the town post office.  
As it is it’s a 5 minute trip across the village which I do most days. 

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