Nobody Currently Has Their Ducks in a Row!

I don't have ducks in a row I have squirrels quote print

Recently a lovely fellow seller at British Craft House  (Kelly, from Willow and Twigg who makes the most beautiful seaglass jewellery ) contacted me because she’d seen a quote somewhere which explained completely how she felt at present, with trying to juggle work, home schooling three young children and generally trying to cope with everything that’s being thrown at her during this pandemic – it went along the lines of not having ducks in a row and the idea of no ducks at all but just crazy squirrels on a rampage. Know the feeling?  I think most of us do.  So I created her words into a design which she wanted in Pink & Green to match her studio colour scheme (see below).  She even sent me a photo of the corner it was to be displayed in (you can tell she’d put some considerable thought into this!).  So, if you would like me to create a print especially with your own favourite quote or your own words then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to work with you.  And if you would like one of the ‘I have no Ducks’ prints then these are available to purchase for £6.50 in black and white option by clicking  here: I HAVE NO DUCKS PRINT

Kelly’s Pink and Green Custom Print:

I have no ducks I have squirrels print

Black and White Print Available in our Shop : HERE

I don't have ducks in a row I have squirrels quote print

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