Hello! Nice to be here

I’ve just become a member of this fantastic website of talented Artisans so thought I’d introduce myself and let you know a bit about what has inspired the pieces I create.

So, firstly, “Hi!”, I’m Jo and I reckon I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. If you’ve never heard of Portsoy then you’re missing out on something special.  Nestled along the North East Coast of Scotland mid way between Aberdeen and Inverness I describe it as the Scottish Cornwall,  with less tourists and colder sea!  The North Sea can fool you into thinking you’re somewhere exotic, but dip that big toe in and you soon realise you’re not in the Mediterranean.

Gazing out to sea from the 17th Century Harbour you could believe you’re at the edge of the world!  The scenery is idyllic, particularly on a sunny day… views you’d expect to see in a World Travel Blog.  But I don’t have to catch a plane to make the most of it….I count myself extremely fortunate to live around 100yds from the waters edge. On days when the sea is rough I can hear the waves from my garden.  I can also hear the waves from the oldest part of the house, not quite so welcome in the winter but as they say ‘Location, Location, Location’….an 18th Century townhouse that is in need of lots of TLC but oozes character. 

So, What do I make?   You can’t move somewhere like Portsoy without being mesmerized by the sea on a sunny day.  If I had the time I could quite happily sit on a rock and while away the hours just watching and listening to the waves.

Well!….that was it!  I wanted to try and recreate what I get to see every day!!  Oceana was born!  A range of products made from crystal resin.  From little sea creatures to an ocean in a coaster I absolutely Love creating the pieces…the only downside is having to be patient for the resin to cure. Patience is not my strong suit!!

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