My Obsession with Fused Glass

How I got involved with Glass
After running a papercraft/mixed media business with my husband Iain for 12 years and running workshops and mixed media retreats, I found that I was no longer a crafter, but more of an accountant, spending hours doing accounts, booking events, hotels, buying stock etc. I felt that we were always away from home, and not getting any younger 😢
After having a break from crafting/shows and getting a part time job, I once again started to miss the enjoying of making.
I was looking for something new ……..
My lovely friend Maria and I went on a few craft workshops – we did a bit of stained glass were we were taught how to cut the glass and good glass safety, but I’m a very messy person so just didn’t get on with the soldering.
We next tried Mosaic Glass – that was messy, just what I like, but once again I didn’t feel it was for me.
I spent many months looking around and having a play, and then found a lady who did a basic jewellery class – Maria and I spent a lovely few hours sticking some glass together and left it overnight to be fused -It was ok, but not what I wanted – so I spent another few months reading up on how to get it right, and then went on a workshop to find out about glass, and the different CO’s and what worked with what – and yes I fell in love with it all – I just had to explain to my poor husband (well he’s poor now) how much a kiln and glass would cost.
I buy my base glass from reputable suppliers who have strong ethical policies on emission controls, public health and safety
In the last couple of years I have used my mixed media knowledge, and help from great family and friends to grow to were I am today
All my products are handmade. and Yes I’m still learning every day, it doesn’t alway come out how I would like, but I try and recycle those things and try again.
It still gives me a thrill when I open my kiln after a long firing, to see how the glass has reacted, sometimes I have a little peek in the kiln when I should be sleeping, just to see what happening.
Hopefully you can experience this in the look and feel of my art xx 😘

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5 out of 5

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