My Handwoven Style

Photo of two pieces of handwoven cloth over a gate

Every weaver I have come across has a different approach. Give them each the same yarn and the work they would produce would never be identical. Each piece of handwoven cloth is unique. The weavers personal choices and the way their body beats the weft combine to create something personal to them. Like other art forms collecting handwoven pieces can of course become addictive 😘

Handwoven cloth on handloom
Handwoven cloth in progress on handloom

My work is perhaps more distinctive than many.  Every piece of cloth is an expression of creativity.  I let the fabric tell it’s own story.

I always work two companion pieces to act as foils for each other.  Using the same colour palette they become ying and yang. My first piece is developed from a traditional rosepath threading building motifs across the warp. My second piece is less disciplined and whilst most often twill, is where I let loose.

Twill cloth in handloom
Twill Cloth on Handloom

Let me demonstrate this with my latest pieces entitled Warm Modern Mediterranean.

Imagine sitting in a square anywhere in the Mediterranean countries.  Sat with your coffee or glass of wine.  Gently people watching and letting your day unfold as you relax.  Soak in the colours around you.  Notice the soft pinky beige plaster of the buildings and the sun washed colours of tiles and paintwork.  This idea is reflected in my motifs on the signature piece.

Take a little stroll along a side alley.  The shade from the buildings and overhanging balconies is welcome.  The laundry hangs to dry way above your head.  It’s the same colours but more intense deeper in the shadows. I’ve represented this in the criss crossing and melding of the colours in my complementary twill cloth.

Together they combine to create a little magic for us to wear or enjoy in our homes.  That is a tale for another day.

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4 thoughts on “My Handwoven Style

  1. The photos of your work are fabulous – what you do is so clever 💕

    1. That’s so nice to hear. Thank you very much for commenting 🌸

  2. Oh, I really loved reading this. You weave words as beautifully as you weave cloth, Sarah! I love the idea of your two pieces acting as foils, each for the other, the yin and the yang.
    And I love the imagery of sitting in a Mediterranean square, with a coffee, soaking up the colours around me!

    1. Thank you that’s so kind 🙏

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