The Crafty Butterfly Chapter 1 – My Crafty Journey

I was thinking recently about what to make next, and trying to get inspiration. This got me thinking about my Crafty Journey.  I decided to look through my Pinterest Boards for Adien Crafts for inspiration, I have been a full time Crafter since 2010 so I had lots to look back over. It was then I realised I have done a bit of everything over the years and not really specialised in any one discipline. I thought “Butterfly Crafting” would be a good description flitting from one thing to another.

My original Craft was always involving fabrics, from day one at school doing little cross stitch squares to making the Bridesmaids dresses for my wedding and upholstery for our first home, I always loved to sew.  After a life changing illness in 2009 I was at home a lot and started card making as therapy really. I collect Teddy Bears and made cards for family and friends featuring my collection with a little story about each Bear on the back. I started selling them online and was amazed that people actually wanted to buy them. I added stamped and hand painted cards and gift tags to my range.

adien crafts

I started added fabric gifts, and was kept busy making bags and various fabric items. I had always been a fabricaholic and this was a legitimate reason to start a lovely stash! I loved making bags but did find them time consuming so added smaller gifts and home accessories .

adien crafts fabric gifts

 However a new obsession loomed and I bought my first strand of gemstones and became hooked, like a magpie! Slowly jewellery making took over and for many years I was so busy making jewellery there was no time for my other Crafts. I loved wire wrapping and still enjoy making pieces occasionally. I loved doing wedding jewellery especially, such a happy occasion although I always felt the pressure to get it right.

aden crafts jewellery

I started making Polymer Clay jewellery back in 2012 and this became a new passion, I love the endless possibilities for mixing colours and creating your own designs. Times have moved on since Polymer Clay jewellery became a popular craft and there are so many possibilities with this fabulous medium. These are some early pieces of Jewellery I made. I am looking forward to some new experimenting to add a new jewellery range to my British Craft House shop.

polymer clay adien crafts

As the years went on and selling Crafts online became very popular, getting one’s jewellery found online became harder and harder so I decided to diversify. I opened a second shop selling gifts and concentrated onwooden signs and decorated boxes, and carried on with the jewellery making alongside. Slowly I re introduced other crafts including decoupage, cards and
fabric items. These are some of my current items.

adien crafts decoupage

My British Craft House Shop is my little Emporium of Decoupage, Fabric Gifts, Cards and occasional Polymer Clay Jewellery. I Love my British Craft House shop and being part of such a supportive community. I like the saying the “The Longest Journey Begins with a Single Step” so if you’re thinking of starting your Crafty Journey then why not take the step and open a British
Craft House Shop, the support from other Crafts People is amazing especially if you are new to online selling.

So, to finish thank you so much for reading –  I suppose I am Jack of all Trades and Master of None haha … but Variety is the Spice of Life they say! What other crafts have you tried or did you find your passion straight away and stick with it?

Di xx

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8 thoughts on “The Crafty Butterfly Chapter 1 – My Crafty Journey

  1. A fascinating read Di 🙂 I have always loved crafts too and did lots of sewing years ago including dress-making and cross stitch. Then I got hooked with painting, inspired by my garden and nature, I don’t seem to have much time for anything else but would love to try something with glass.
    I have never worked with clay or decoupage but it sounds like you love it and your creations are beautiful !

    1. Thank you so much Kay, I love your artwork – we could all do with extra time to try new things couldn’t we 🙂

  2. I think I have bought something from you at every stage of your journey! Also love the Craft Butterfly idea!

    1. … and it is very much appreciated, you are an origianl Adienette 🙂 I am thinking another shop The Crafty Butterfly now hehe!

  3. I think the term ‘craft butterfly’ is a perfect description & I can definitely relate to that. 😂 I started out sewing too at school but then bringing up a family meant that baking became a more useful (& less time consuming) passion. I made my bridesmaids dresses too, I wasn’t brave enough to try & make my own dress but I probably would now, although I’m not planning another wedding. I’ve dabbled in card making, jewellery making, calligraphy, knitting, crochet & I would love to be able to learn more about printmaking & ceramics. I just need more hours in a day or more days in the week really.
    I love all of your creations Di, you can see the attention to detail taken with each piece. I particularly like your decoupaged items with garden birds, just beautiful, & you have such a great variety of gifts on offer.
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    1. So lovely to read your history too Liz, thank you so much for your lovely comments and support on SM too xx

  4. Lovely to read about your crafty journey Di. All the pieces are beautiful and I especially love the decoupage ones. I’ve always sewn, starting with dolls clothes when I was young, then for myself and others. Theatre costumes and then moved on to embroidery and soutache. Love seeing your different talents and look forward to seeing where you flit off to next with your lovely makes. Xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Molly, I love to hear about how others reached where they are now, and lovely to hear yours too! The theatre costume work must have been amazing! x

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