Meet Trish

We were excited to catch up with Trish from Moody Cow Designs. Her crafting skills are diverse and she is always coming up with new ideas!

When did you start crafting & what do you make?

I have always crafted, from a young age I knitted and made my own clothes, even entered village shows where I lived, with knitted items, baskets I had woven, cakes I had baked, I remember very clearly making toys for a Brownie badge! I taught myself to crochet when I was about 11,my 1st piece was in neon green and was supposed to be a square but ended up as a triangle!!!! I still love to crochet now, blankets, cushions and mandalas. I do love to sew, currently making cutlery wraps, emery board covers, needlebooks, tea bag wallets, cushion covers and eye glass cases to name but a few!

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Knowing there are items I have made being used and loved in many corners of the world.

Have you diversified since you started out?

Oh yes! Started out making handbags from linen sofa fabric samples ( I used to work in a shop selling furniture and didn’t like throwing away the samples at the end of the season so started making bags out of them) I also made jewellery and bag charms.

What do you do to relax/hobbies?

Sewing and Crochet are my hobbies as well as my business, but I also love going to hear live music, love reading, and going away in Miss Daisy our T25 campervan.

What is your favourite cake?

Coffee and Walnut every time! (yum!)

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