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Hi Everyone my name is Ray and I started Industrial Dreams just over 12 months ago on the usual platforms and found to my surprise that people actually like my products, i am always adding new items to freshen it up. My career for 30 odd years was a heating engineer with my company. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a very unpleasant illness which made me unable to carry on with my business, so as time went on i was given a lifeline (literally) with a stem cell transplant 3 years ago, unbelievably it worked and touch wood is still working. So 12 months ago i was well enough to start something and with my heating and plumbing background making lovely products using pipes and industrial bits and bobs was the obvious choice. (are you still awake). So i started on Etsy and recently Amazon Handmade, Folksy and a bit on ebay and FB and now on the best site of them all hoping we will all succeed  in Dottie’s great new platform, i have read a lot of your replies and blogs and i think we will all help each other to make this work. That’s enough for now cuppa time. bfn.  

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3 thoughts on “Meet Ray The Maker

  1. Hi Ray, these products are great, bang on trend. I can see why you are expanding. We moved from South Littleton last year having lived there for 18 years. Small world! Wishing you lots of luck with your new shop. Louise.

  2. No time for bowls now !
    Hope is goes well.

    1. Always time for bowls. we won twice this week yay. hav’nt seen you for a while, pop in anytime you are about for a catch up , cheers

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