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Around 50% of the Journals that I make are Custom Journals!  My style of Book Binding is very simple and allows for lots of customisation options.  It also means that my Journals are refillable if you are just using it as a general notebook.  When in use my Journals lie completely flat too, making them very easy to use.

Journal Sizes

I make A5 and A6 size Journals in both Portrait and Landscape (usually used for Sketchbooks).  I do also make a few smaller Journals, usually around Christmas time and for events etc.

Paper Choices

Most of my Journals are bound with 130gsm quality Cartridge Paper.  This is great for writing and drawing.  I also make Sketchbooks with this and it is Perfect for most Artist Medium, including pencil, light watercolour and printing inks amongst others.

A5 Portrait size Journals can be bound with Cartridge Paper, Lined Paper or Dotted Paper (Bujo).  I have Lined and Dotted Paper specially printed for me, which is why they are only available in my A5P size Journals.

The Spine

If you are likely to use your Journal to stick in photographs, leaflets etc or even use plenty of washi tape within if you are a creative Journaler, I can expand the spine for you to make sure that once full the Journal does not go out of shape.  How fabulous is that?!

Number of Pages 

My standard number of pages are;

Cartridge Paper, 130gsm, 160 pages

Dotted or Lined Paper, 100gsm, 200 pages

If you need more or less pages, or you would even like a mix of paper types this is possible too.

Closure Type

I use three types of closure;

Ribbon – wide ribbon tied into a bow.  This is probably the least popular, but can be a lovely option for a special Journal such as a Baby or Wedding Journal

Cotton Cord or Narrow Ribbon – These are wrapped twice around the Journal and finished with a Wooden Bead.

Elastic Closure – These are very practical if you are planning on carrying your Journal around with you.  Travel Journals often have this type.  It is a loop of elastic which is fixed to the Journal along the spine and lifted over the Journal for use.

Leather Journals

My Leather Journal covers are lined with a selection of beautiful Decorative Papers and Maps.  Japanese Chiyogami Paper is handmade only in Japan under license.  Each colour is hand screen printed and the effect has a gorgeous texture and depth.  There are 10,000 of these traditional designs.  I also use Handmade Indian Cotton Paper and a stunning range of Italian Decorative Papers.  You may see a Journal in stock and like the Lining Paper, but would like a different Leather Colour.  I can even mix lining papers, putting one in the front and one in the back.  This works very well for Map Journals.

Cork Journals

Cork is very beautiful, soft and tactile. I have 10 amazing designs to choose from. Cork is very durable and also Vegan (Peta approved) and Eco-friendly. It behaves just like leather and when I discovered this a few years ago it was an obvious choice for me to try, as I often got asked for non-leather Sketchbooks and Journals. My customers just love it! The only slight drawback with Cork (and I do say slight) is that the Covers cannot be lined with papers, it just does not work. But the Cork itself is so gorgeous it really does make up for it.

Custom Map Journals

These can be made in both Leather and Cork, but are two distinct styles. The covers of a Leather Map Journal can be lined with upto two maps of your choice, taken from my collection of Vintage Maps, Atlas and Road Maps.

For Cork Map Journals I use the Maps as pages placed throughout the Journal. Five Maps is a good number, making an interesting Travel Journal. This style can also be used for Leather Map Journals, and can be then combined with upto two Maps inside the Cover, making a really personal Travel Journal.

Putting a Map Journal together takes research and there is often quite a few messages between myself and the client to get all the details right; Leather colour or Cork, Map choice and Closure. The end result is always worth waiting for and it makes me so happy to hear the customers reaction.

Here is the link to my listing if you would like me to make a Map Journal, or Custom Journal just for you!

Hand Bound Leather Custom Map Travel Journal

This is just an outline of what can be achieved with my Journals.  If you have an idea, please do message me and we can discuss making a Journal just for you!  Remember, I LOVE making Custom Journals!

Sharon x

PS, here is a link to a Meet the Maker Instagram Live with Dottie, Founder of The British Craft House.  We are discussing all things Journal!!!

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