Making in miniature!

A selection of Crofts Crafts handmade card embellishments

My creative style is known as CAS in the card making world – clean and simple!  My designs are pretty minimal and I like to go for a natural, rustic feel letting the message speak for itself.  My cards quite often feature one central, focal piece or embellishment so they aren’t too distracting.  And wherever I can, I try to make the main embellishment by hand.

Crofts Crafts handmade card embellishments

Card making has always been a relaxing, creative outlet and I love trying to come up with new ideas for embellishments when I have a new card design.  They usually involve card, felt, string and whenever possible – googly eyes to add a little personality!

Crofts Crafts handmade card embellishment supplies

It can sometimes take quite a few attempts to get them looking just how I envisage – drawing and redrawing templates so I can make sure they look consistent each time.  Although this is also the great thing about buying handmade – each item may be slightly individual and made to order!  I’ve also slowly been learning how to paper cut over the last few years and this has turned out to be really useful when making small, fiddly embellishments I need to cut out.  Once I have a new addition to my collection, I do also tend to have a little production line going to make in bulk so I have a stash ready for your orders!

Crofts Crafts making miniature blog post pics

There is nothing better than seeing a bundle of craft supplies turn into your own little handmade creation and there is something very satisfying about making little fried eggs, ice creams or cups of tea in miniature! If you have any ideas about what I should attempt next, let me know in the comments below and why not check out how a mix of craft supplies turned into a recent thank you teacher card here?

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