Magwitchery Blue Velvet Collection Comes in from the Cold …….

Blue Velvet Collection - Etched Silver and Blue Topaz in Gold Settings - Magwitchery

Winter is coming (well, not really!) …….

Adding to my Tudor Velvet Collections with Blue Velvet (to be honest, it’s been waiting for me for a little while now).  

Blue Velvet shares the Renaissance meets Contemporary style of the rest of the Velvet Collections but with the icy tones of bright turquoise Swiss Blue Topaz and mysterious dark turquoise London Blue Topaz for your Frozen Princess or imperious Ice Queen.  The pieces feature rich etched textures and gold settings in addition to the sparkle of the Topaz.

The ombré pendant features London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz in a variety of 9K settings.  Ring, domed pendant and earrings are available in either Swiss Blue Topaz or London Blue Topaz so you can mix and match as you choose.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you now get my beautiful new black eco packaging embossed with my logo.

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