Lazy days and summer picnics

Summer meadow

Last week saw the introduction of lockdown here in the UK. It also saw the start of warmer weather, sunnier days, more bird song in the trees, and lighter evenings…  Which got me thinking of the great outdoors and trips to the countryside. 

Normally, at this time of year, our thoughts would be full of Easter and spring and shaking off the weight of winter. We’d be planning day trips to the seaside, or a walk in the hills, perhaps a visit to a stately home, or a bike ride along a river bank. 

And perhaps our trips might include lunch in a country pub, or afternoon tea in a tea room. Or we might even think about preparing our own refreshments, and taking a picnic with us. 

A picnic can be anything from a simple flask of tea and a scone, to a full blown affair of lemonade, sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes, pastries. The possibilities are endless. 

You might shove your picnic in to your rucksack or pack it carefully in to tubs and jars, in a basket, with a tablecloth and some napkins. You’ll need some mugs, tumblers and cutlery too. And some plates. 

And so, my mind wandered last week to warmer, sunnier days. And I decided to create a napkin that could also function as a cutlery roll. A Natlery Roll or a Cutkin, if you will…  Something that could hold the cutlery securely, but still be large enough to cover a lap. 

Cream Napkin
A Natlery Roll or a Cutkin…?

At 32cm square, it’s large enough to serve as a good sized napkin. It comes with four pockets on one side to slot cutlery in. The pockets are of varying widths to accommodate different sizes of utensils. And it comes with a single tie to hold it all secure when closed. 

You’ll have your own favourite picnic spot but mine will definitely be beside some water. A bubbling stream, or the edge of a loch. Somewhere that the water can provide a backdrop to my thoughts. Some dappled shade through the trees would be lovely, too. And some warmth from the sun. A lazy day, indeed!  

Where ever your favourite spot is, and whatever you pack in your picnic, I hope that we’ll be back enjoying days out again very soon. 

Stay safe, everyone!

C xxx

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5 out of 5

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