Justine paints a commission – at break neck speed!

Justine Dodd artist at Cariad Glass

Once we’ve designed our work, we create a cutting pattern and the coloured glass is first of all cut to this pattern.

Next, there’s lots and LOTS of preparation involved with mixing our specialist glass paint with a little gum arabic and distilled water.

The surface of the glass is then thoroughly cleaned with a dilute layer of this paint (which is £75 per 8 oz pot…phew!) and then comes many layers of paint of different dilutions, each layer needing to dry before the next is applied.

I use all sorts of things to apply texture and detail…as well as my trusty paintbrush, I use sponges, horseshoe nails, cotton buds, dry bristles and even sharpened skewers!

One I’m happy with the result, each piece of glass is then kiln fired at just under 700 degrees C overnight before being leaded by the wonderful Chris the next day! 

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5 out of 5

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