In The Beginning

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Tub’s Togs was born out of passion to sew. I guess many people may say this. However, it truly was. I am addicted to sewing. 

I am one of those people whom can not sit down and just watch some TV or read a book ( the last time i read a book start to finish was two days before my waters broke with my first of four children). When the children were in bed I was itching to do something. Sewing was my solace.

Prior to children I was a nurse in cardiology during the week, then a Sabre fencer (not the garden fencing kind) in the evenings and weekends. Training every evening then travelling on a tiny budget on the weekend, to tournaments and even World cup competitions across Europe. One Christmas we traveled to Portland, Oregon to train with the double Olympic champion.  The most life changing experience at the time. It showed me that with the desire, passion and will power you can achieve anything. 

At the time of my first child’s birth, we lived in that adorable little nook in London, called Wimbledon. A wonderful place to live, but it soon became apparent that affording London life with small ones was not for us.  So we moved to Kent, where i was originally born, and life slowed down. More children came along as did more sewing. 

With a giant Belgian husband (his colleagues call him Hagrid) we were destined to have giant children. To fit the girth you need to buy bigger but then the clothes look daft. Sewing enables you to adapt patterns to fit exactly as required. My fourth child is now wearing pjs that i made my first child. This is another beauty of handmade. You spend a lot on your fabrics and consumables, so you make them well, and they are made to last. How many times have you bought something from the high street that holes up after a few washes or shrinks by silly amounts upon the first wash?

Then there is fabric choice. Over the last 15 years more awareness has been made on the waste our society produces. And more information is available on how manufacturing processes have a massive impact on our environment.  Take cotton production for example. One of the biggest industrial users of water. But where does that water come from and go to after it has been polluted with chemicals used in the manufacturing process of turning cotton balls into fabric? It feeds back into the system. A quick google search will reveal peer reviewed articles where children in cotton manufacturing areas are being born with congenital problems related to their polluted environment. Not good.

It is why I prefer to use fabrics made from organic cotton and which are GOTS certified. This means that from growing the seed to the final manufactured product, workers have been paid properly, waters have not been polluted, water has been recycled, harmful chemicals have not been used and that the local environment has not been negatively impacted.

There are so many positives about these fabrics, yet one major negative. Cost. Organic cotton GOTS certified fabrics are so much more expensive that non organic cotton GOTS. However, those costs have gone into fair trade employment and benefit to the environment. Not only this, the fabric itself is breathable and kind to young or sensitive skin. Perfect for all of us. I prefer to make fewer items of clothing for my children in eco friendly fabrics that i know will last. Versus feeding into the cheap fast fashion-wear-once ideology.

So here i am now for the last three years as Tub’s Togs, making clothes for children and adults with my love of sewing and desire to produce ethically made garments.

My style is eclectic. I love Scandinavian patterns which have cute accents and are built for the tall and broad, I love the whimsical prints relating to childhood dreams and memories, but also the big and bold.

My clothes are not gender specific. Boy or girl, they are for all, even adults:)

Tub’s Togs is relatively new to The British Craft House, but i have plans to grow and embrace this beautiful community of UK handmade artisans.

Shop small, shop ethically, at Tub’s Togs.

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