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When I began my career, I thought I would work as a hairdresser for ever. …after all, it’s what I’d wanted to do since starting school. But then…..

…I never thought I would own a town centre hairdressing salon employing up to 15 members of staff.

I never thought I would go to night school to learn how to teach.

I never dreamed that I would become a part time tutor at Blackburn College Hairdressing dept and have my own tutor groups to inspire, nurture and teach cutting and styling skills to.

I never thought that attending a weekly art class would lead me to studying for a fine art degree that I graduated from in 2008. 

I never thought I would be asked by our local council to run our towns very first art market, and as a direct result of this I was asked, with a couple of friend’s to deliver a huge community project in Blackburn town centre called, POP – Project Our Place.

I never thought that a few of us from our degree course would set up a working artist’s studio in the town centre above a charity shop.

I never thought that two friends could set up and work together running Ribble Valley Art Studios, an art studio collective in Clitheroe, and it be a success for 9 years.

I certainly never thought I would ever be teaching my love of art in southern Spain, in the town of Baza, with two friend’s that are the ‘Caves of Dreams’.

I never thought that in a worldwide pandemic I would set up, and make handmade wooden jewellery from my back porch ‘Bevart designs ‘was born.

I never thought that in April 2021 I would become sole proprietor of ‘Atelier Arts’ art studios, art gallery with small teaching area in town centre Clitheroe. 

…and I certainly never thought I would be self-employed for all these years, teaching art subjects to a vast array of wonderful students of all ages. Including adults, children, children with needs, young offenders, young people. Thankyou to everyone for giving me these wonderful opportunities.



Thinking back, my journey has been about considering options, making choices and taking decisions. 

This CORE decision framework is a good place to start.

– Challenges.  Accept them and stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. Grow and develop yourself and expand your comfort zone. But not so much that you cause yourself, or others, stress. Find the level of challenge you’re comfortable with. What are the challenges associated with your options? Take on enough challenge to keep you interested and developing.

O – Opportunities.  What opportunities do, or what could each of the options provide? Consider all opportunities that are made available. If the opportunity you want isn’t offered, or isn’t quite as you’d like it to be, then find a way to create it and make it happen.

– Rewards.  Identify what you value. This can be anything that really matters to you – financial rewards, family time, recognition, progression, work/life balance, personal development and so on. How do the options and choices offered provide the potential to get the rewards that are important to you?

– Enjoyment.  Think about what you really enjoy doing. Make sure the decisions you take allow you to do what you really enjoy. Then do it.


This CORE frame work I borrowed from AWD Development Solutions, all other words are my ownBeverley – Bevart designs

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