Welcome to Dangles

My name is Lorraine and I am the wire twister at Dangles.

Dangles was born in 2013 and started as jewellery using wire and beads, then semi-precious gemstones.  I tried beading with thread rather than wire but didn’t really like it and the finished articles weren’t that great either! 
It became quite clear fairly early on that the market for jewellery makers was pretty saturated, so I started to diversify with other items – bookmarks, bag charms – but still using wire as the glue that held everything together.

Gradually, other wire based creations followed and now, although I do still make some jewellery and accessories, my focus is more on wire creations.

My shop will fill over the next few weeks with framed wire art, cotton reel bouquets, sun-catchers, 3d hanging decorations and place settings made by up cycling wire bottle top cages.

I hope you like what you see, please do contact me if you see something but would like a different colour or have an idea for a custom order.

Happy Dangling! Lorraine x

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