Hearts aren’t just for Valentines!

Multicoloured Fused glass hearts

I have had a lovely time over the Christmas lock down period making fused glass hearts in a cast iron pan. Thanks to an excellent tutorial from glasshoppa.com me and my daughter whiled away the time, when we couldn’t see the rest of the family, coming up with various combinations of glass to pile up in the mold ready for a hot fuse.

Once out and cooled down they needed a bit of grinding and cleaning before going back in the kiln for a nice fire polish.

Now I’m waiting for some little box frames to be delivered so I can mount them and then put on sale in my shop. Should make a lovely little letter box gift to send to those we love.

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2 thoughts on “Hearts aren’t just for Valentines!

  1. Love all these designs – especially the multi coloured one bottom right, so clever!

  2. Thanks Becky! They are fun to do and a good way to use all the little bits and pieces of glass left over from other makes.

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