Hashtag of HHfollowup

Seen one of my new follower RTs on twitter where I’ve used the hashtag HHfollowup and wondered why?

don’t have a vast number of followers but those I do have are loyal. 
By using this hashtag I can see who has stuck with me, and who has got
grumpy because I’ve not followed them back and unfollowed me!  I find
twitter cumbersome if I have too many followers, so I stick at 101. 

That doesn’t mean you are forgotten though….
Twitter lists are really good and I use them a lot.  Some are public but
some are private – especially if I’m marking someone for a specific
christmas present!

When I’m asked at work
or at a fair “do you know anyone who – ” I quickly go to my twitter
lists and find the crafter(s) on my lists to pass on their details.

So just because I don’t follow you back, it doesn’t mean I don’t care!

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