Hallmarking…What’s good to know?

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Did you know that a 925 stamp alone is not a hallmark and doesn’t guarantee the content of silver at all since 925 punches are readily available for anyone to purchase over the internet.

By law, in the UK, people selling precious metal items described as ‘silver’ must have them hallmarked by one of the four UK Assay Offices if the item weighs above 7.78g.  The weight threshold for gold is just 1g.

My hallmark is registered with The London Assay Office and I’m really proud of it.  I still get a buzz from seeing my makers mark on my jewellery.

I would dearly love to hallmark every piece I make not just those above the threshold weight but it is such an expensive process particularly for small businesses such as mine:

  • Costs for two items starts at around £30 (inclusive of VAT and postage there and back)
  • For three or more items it’s an £18 fixed rate plus £1 per item + VAT plus postage.

I know!  Crazy prices right?  It’s not a process that is particularly small business friendly and yet…I still love it!  So, when I have an overweight piece to take to the Assay Office, I tend to gather as many other lower weight pieces as possible to ensure that it is a cost effective process both for me and also for you.  On that note though…a pair of earrings counts as two items and for this reason I currently do not send earrings off to be hallmarked since I will never make a single earring above the weight threshold…unless of course they have a solid gold accent in which case they will definitely be hallmarked.  But just to reassure you, that I only use one of two well known and trusted UK bullion suppliers and all my pieces have successfully passed their Assay test.

The photo shows my hallmark.  In fact this one is a ‘feature’ hallmark and normally they would be much smaller and horizontal.  You can identify what each part of the hallmark means from the official Dealers Notice in this article.

Should you specifically wish to have a lower weight item hallmarked please be aware that The London Assay Office requires one week for hallmarking on top of the making time for your chosen piece and will incur an additional cost which will be based upon how quickly you need the items and the number of items I have available to send up for hallmarking at the same time.

If you have got this far then thank you and well done!  I do hope you have found this article informative.   Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Fee x

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