Gold and Red Radiance

red and gold radiance hair comb

I gain a lot of inspiration while out running with the dogs, did you know it’s actually a sport called Canicross or Canix for short? I don’t enter races, I find that I get enough satisfaction with the local trails…which is where certain tiny details in nature catch my eye.

It was while I was out on one of these runs that I passed a wonderful Cotoneaster plant cascading over the ground with it’s scarlet leaves and berries. It was quite a sight!



The tiny leaves and the number of them and did I mention the colour!? Wow! I knew that I had to make something based on this! Paired with another find of the gold centred red leaves of brambles also turning in the cold late autumn weather I had the perfect combination for something very special. Did you know that red is considered a lucky colour by some people? 


This is where the Red and Gold Radiance bridal range was born.

Starting with a clear acrylic hair comb, while I mulled over the larger details of the tiara, and a number of different coloured beads of various sizes and shapes I drew together the elements that would work well together adding in extras to embellish and be a contrast against the richness of the red and gold; something to draw the eye in and to hold the attention.

Working very much in an organic way the gold centred red leaves and foliage began to take shape. Wire twisting and bending into curved stems. Stems building and a dense design beginning to unfold and grow.

bead work

Stems secured onto the hair comb by the tail ends of the wires, twisting and trimming the excess the before the finishing touch of a band of red and gold could be placed as a boarder hiding all the working and bringing the piece to a stunning conclusion.

hair comb in held in hand  

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