Fairtrade for Handmade

Fairtrade for Handmade

Pricing correctly is something we take very seriously at TBCH.

So many talented artisans underprice/undervalue their work and time and don’t make any profit, or enough profit. The problem is that if some Crafters are making as a hobby or as a 2nd income then they don’t “need" the money. Which leaves the Sellers that do on the back foot trying to compete to get sales but also needing to put food on the table.

When you buy from a crafter on TBCH you get far more than you would if you bought something in a department store. You get something unique and created with a passion and expertise that they have honed over years. Many of the items for sale on this site are One of A Kind – meaning that you really have managed to get you hands on something really special.
Here is a great example of what goes into making a hat! Sophie from Imogen’s Imagination
Sophie makes amazing hats!  Her weekend has consisted of making a new hat! This is just the start!

This weekend’s making in numbers:

.5 of a wire frame hat made
x2 metres of wire wrapped in tulle
x3 stabbing injuries
x5 metres of ribbon pleated
x10 new nautilus sewn
x10 6mm Swarovski pearls sewn
x16 hours of studio time
2mm Swarovski pearls sewn

Progress = 100%
Spoilers = ZERO
We look forward to seeing the finished product but the buyer will know that this really is a very special creation that has been created just for them!
So perhaps next time you are looking at something handcrafted and thinking that it’s quite expensive then consider maybe what you are comparing it to.  Massed produced imports to supermarkets and garden centres  might be a little cheaper but you can be sure that when buying from one of our Artisan crafters that you are supporting someone working really hard in the UK and that the end result will be something just a little more special for you to treasure!

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