Displaying Art – How do we think about it ? Should it be because we ‘like’ it ? Seasonal ? Does it evoke a memory or stir the imagination ?

Hellebore Spring Watercolour

In my Introduction, I have said that I love to paint. I enjoy the creative element of Watercolours and love to see the paint flow and create different effects with it. 

I tend to create smaller pieces, partly because they can be created more quickly but also because they are easier to post for online sales  and easier to transport if travelling to an event.  Larger pieces tend to be for Exhibitions or home. 

Now, this is my point, what inspires you to buy a piece of Art ? Is it an impulse – just because it ‘speaks’ to you? Or something you look for to ‘complete’ a room or as a gift? 

Many people have said to me that they haven’t any room left for paintings, hence why I have my art reproduced on to gift or household items that I like to call ‘useful’ art. 

But why not swap paintings around ? Many of my paintings are hung in my small studio or around our home. 

Art Studio -Kay Lacey weatercolours

A little peak inside my studio on an Open Day

When I have an Exhibition, paintings are taken down and replaced with a different one. I find that I then ‘notice’ and look at the replacement much more than I had previously. 

So, as we redecorate our rooms – why not rearrange our artwork ?  You will be surprised at how much more you ‘look’ at a piece of art if you move it or swap it for another that you like. 

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4 thoughts on “Displaying Art – How do we think about it ? Should it be because we ‘like’ it ? Seasonal ? Does it evoke a memory or stir the imagination ?

  1. What a lovely space you have Kay. I have never gone for Art to match decor hence nothing really matches here 🙂 Other half loves paintings of the Sea whereas I go for nature, especially Hares so a bit eclectic! Love all of your Art, it would fit my half of the walls perfectly hehe.

    1. Thank you very much Di. I confess that we have a corner of the dining room especially for Hubby’s planes. He does love nature too though so most of our walls are nature based 🙂
      It really does work swapping them around though, you tend to look at them in a new light.

  2. Interesting read. Never thought about swopping pieces round, once they are there, that’s it! Might give it a try as we have too many to hang anyway. Will give a fresh look. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thank you Molly, give it a try – you will be surprised I am sure 🙂

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