Descriptions about my Cork and Harris Tweed.

I source all of my own fabrics through my own research. The Cork I use is of the highest quality and is Portuguese. There are many types of Cork fabrics available and many are very poor quality, to which I have found out at my expense!! and I wouldn’t trust them to stand the test of time.
I buy all of my Harris Tweed direct from independant weavers who are recognised by the Harris Tweed Authority with whom ‘Hare and Boathouse Creations’ is registered with. I signed a declaration to abide by their Brand Guidelines so my customers can feel safe in the knowledge that the Tweed and it’s labels are used correctly on all of my creations.

Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber L), a tree that grows primarily in Spain, Portugal and France. It is a very unique tree with a long lifetime and an enormous capacity for regeneration.
Cork is harvested by hand. Using a machete, the Cork is sliced and then peeled away from the trunk so no damage is caused. This happens every 9 – 12 years for each tree. The Cork Oak tree can live for over 200 years! Once the Cork has been through a process to be able to work with (usually boiling in water) it is then thinly sliced and adhered to a cotton or polyester backing which in turn gives us our Cork fabric. No harsh chemicals are used in any step of the production.
WHY CORK? ( also known as Cork leather or Vegan Leather)
It is soft to the touch and light in weight.
Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Easily cleaned and long lasting.
Durable as leather but very versatile as a fabric.
Water and stain resistant.
Dust, dirt and grease repellent. ( Hypoallergenic)
It is also PETA approved so makes a perfect alternative to Leather.

HARRIS TWEED , or ‘Clo Mor’ (The Big Cloth) is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament.
The 1993 Act of Parliament underpins the unique status of HARRIS TWEED and decrees that genuine HARRIS TWEED must be made from virgin wool which has been dyed and spun on the Islands and handwoven at the home of the weaver in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.
The mark of the Orb as seen on the traditional labels fixed to finished items, guarantees the highest quality tweed, dyed, spun and handwoven by Islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra on the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in their homes to the laws outlined in the HARRIS TWEED Act of Parliament.
When you buy HARRIS TWEED you are guaranteed the best, safe in the knowledge that the Orb secures a perfect cloth for years of use.
Soft, tactile, breathable, warm, colourful, sustainable, adaptable…the old image of coarse, scratchy, dour tweed simply does not exist these days. While still retaining its heritage of practicality and longevity, the HARRIS TWEED of today extols all the qualities and virtues of a truly luxury 21st century fabric.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these wonderful fabrics but Ta Ta for now and I will be back soon.
Julie xx

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