Definitely no butterflies were harmed in the making of these…

It’s days like these when I long for the warmth of summer. Colour. Being outside. Colour. Long sunny evenings. Colour. Energy. I look for little signs that the world is beginning to wake up after it’s winter sleep. The first spring flowers poking out of the earth. Waking up to tweeting birds outside the window. Colour. (Yup, I’m a little preoccupied with colour!) The reality is though, that the mornings are still dark, the weather is still cold and spring is a long way off.

Luckily for me, I can bring all those little signs of things to come to my workbench, designing and crafting and working out how I can incorporate those elements which I miss so much at this time of year into my work.

More and more often, I find myself gravitiating towards the more nature-inspired subjects and living between the beautifully wild landscape of Dartmoor and Devon’s stunningly isolated coves and beaches, I’m never short of inspiration. My main dilemma is how to best show the colours and convey the feelings that this wonderful location offers. This said, some might say that my main dilemma is actually knowing what form my creations might take. I’m a bit of an enthusiastic starter and once I’ve got the hang of something I move on to the next thing – not great for my very organised (but thankfully, patient) partner or steadily overflowing craft cupboard!

My obsessions at the moment are wood, glass and pressed flowers and my little ‘experiments’ are scattered around the house until I figure out what they might turn out to be. My most recent creations are a cross between a victorian lantern slide and a victorian butterfly specimen I suppose, but without the actual butterfly specimen – definitely no insects were harmed in the making of these and, until the actual butterflies return to the garden, these beauties will have to be my little signs of spring!

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