Commissioning a piece of art can be a good idea……

Art takes many forms, shapes and sizes and can be produced with a huge range of different media, including things you’ll find in your larder; tea, coffee, eggs. Or your garden. As we’ve seen in the news recently, it’s even possible to hang a banana on the wall and pass it off as art. 
Arguably, art is all the more pertinent if it is personal to you  (or someone you love).

Commissioning a piece of art is a wonderful way of bringing a unique and very personal creation into your home. Or it can make a very special gift for someone you love. 

A commissioned art work can represent your home, your pet, your garden, a place that is special to you.

It can be any size you want. I suspect smaller pieces are more in vogue now. My A4 paintings (A3 when framed) have proven popular. We don’t all have huge walls above monster fireplaces anymore. 

It can cost a few pounds or several hundred. There are commissioning artists out there to suit all budgets. If you find an artist whose style you like, just ask them if they’ll do something for you. That’s how I started. 

Have a look around. TBCH is a good place to start. 

You can get a flavour of my work here (I work in watercolour), including testimonials from previous customers

If my stuff doesn’t float your boat, someone else’s will!

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5 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Commissioning a piece of art can be a good idea……

  1. Lovely blog Chris – interesting with a touch of humour too, plus beautiful paintings as well, of course!!!

    It was also the right length; short and to the point, without becoming boring. A nice touch.

    SallyAnn xxx

    1. Hi SallyAnn
      Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed reading it, especially as I am a far from seasoned blogger!

      Kind regards

      Chris x

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