Christmas in July the Handwoven Way!

Christmas tree yarn

The Makers year is usually a few months out of synch with the real calendar.  It takes time to accumulate materials and ideas. To make something totally desirable, either timeless or modern, requires research.  Quality necessitates patience.  

Christmas is the favourite handmade season and we are already half way through the year. I had better get a move on then!  My companions at The British Craft House suggested a Festive Challenge and I decided to participate. I have created a small but perfectly formed early seasonal collection which I hope will delight you and make the December rush a little less painful.

First came my inspiration.  Trends for rich greens this winter are already evident. Scandinavian motifs are always classically appealing and a favourite of mine. Out of this was born a glossy emerald green background of the finest eco mercerised cotton. Married with luxury silk merino yarn in natural white something special came together.  Crisp best quality white linen and some hand tatted lace seemed naturally complementary I hope you agree.  

Fabric Cube Basket
Christmas Handmade Small Woven Cube Basket

I have very grown up Christmas stockings for you.  Gift boxes to thrill your loved ones and make wrapping easy for you 😉.  Scrumptious fabric dishes for nuts and clementines will add beautifully to your festive decor. Little pots filled with crinkly wrapped sweeties will be irresistible to your guests. 

Relax and enjoy a little bit of festive charm the handwoven way 🎄  

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  1. What a fabulously, grown up idea. Your work is amazing!

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