Buzzy Busy Bees

You will probably have gathered by now that my inspiration comes from nature
bee it (see what I did there!) flowers, butterflies, birds or bees, you will
find lots of nature themed influences in my work.

I like to challenge myself to create new designs using different methods and
learn new skills, so today I moved from sheet metal onto Fine Silver Clay for
my bees.  Silver clay is an eco-friendly product it’s made from particles
of pure silver suspended in a binder that burns off under heat to leave fine
silver.  The product feels and behaves much like clay, you can shape it,
mold it and once it’s been fired you can solder it and pretty much treat as any
other silver.

These little fellas are entirely handcrafted from silver clay, you can see
from the pictures how I shaped and molded by hand then used a brush and liquid
clay to refine.  Once they were ready I left them to dry and then kiln
fired them to create fine silver.  I made 3 different designs in two
different sizes and once they were kiln fired and had become solid silver I
created little molds from them to allow me to ‘cast’ more with silver

I have just used the tiniest ones to create some earrings and a bangle
giving them an oxidized finish to bring out the details and the slightly larger
one has been made into a pendant which I just polished. I’m looking forward to
using these in other items and using my new molds to create my own swarm, I
have just orders some copper clay so hopefully soon some little copper bees
will be making their way into my shop.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading about how
I made my little bees.

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5 out of 5

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  1. So interesting to read how you created these Max. Working with silver clay sounds like a lot of fun x

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