Blog #3 Up-cycled Felt Vases

Up-cycled Felt vase

Hi me again, I’m on a roll where blogs are concerned!

Up-cycled Felt vase
Up-cycled -Felt- Vase
Up-cycled Felt vase

So up-cycled felt vases? As a fashion/textile designer I had never done any felting until quite recently, but I had a go and was hooked. I love this fabulous way to actually create a fabric, and with so much texture and colour all mixed up together! 
I use old cashmere and pure wool as a base, this might be an old cashmere jumper, pure wool blanket or an old boiled wool jacket or coat. The neighbours are used to my colourful washing line!  I then work on top with lots of natural British wool tops and incorporate bits of silk, usually silk sari waste or old shredded silk scarves. Lots of free machining to make the vase wrap, and then you can just pop over a jar, glass or even a cut down plastic bottle, for the water and flowers.

The button design came from a beautiful old boiled wool coat from a friend, to be up-cycled with beautiful buttons on, so they had to be used too….a totally repurposed garment and nothing wasted! The button became an integral part of the design and I now look for unusual buttons everywhere. Many are bits of sea glass or sea washed pottery or stone from beach walks in Scotland. Any excuse for a beach walk!

I love making the felt vases each turns out slightly differently, so they are all unique and very tactile. I have a sign on my stand at shows saying touch…squish…feel… but that might have to go!

Up-cycled felt vase

I have some fabulous new handmade ceramic buttons from another TBCH shop so very excited about working with these fabulous unique buttons.

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