Behind the Porthole

Since ‘lock-down’ I’ve been creating my Curious Copper Creations from my little workshop at home.  The door is a recent fixture – it fills the hole which is the doorframe – whereas the old one didn’t!  It was a present from my husband who upon realising that I would be working from home felt that a door that closed would be a splendid idea!  

It looks very tiny but it is somewhat Tardis like.  I have managed to get in most of the tools that I use in my usual studio at Coney Green in Oswestry.  Normally I teach weekly lessons and various courses in my studio but as it’s such a close proximity venture and there’s loads of tool sharing etc who knows when I’ll be able to teach from there again.  No worries though I’ve had plenty to be getting on with.  Thankfully I’ve had a few commissions to keep the wolf from the door – I’ll tell you more about them later.  

A bit of a TardisThis post is really to introduce me, my environment and of course Dennis.  Here’s the inside of my home workshop – as you can see it’s not exactly pristine but is it a working area.  I love it.  Through the window beyond my desk there are several chickens owned by Charlie (one of our neighbours).  To the left where my apron (which I never wear is hanging) there is another smaller space with some shelving for tools and a bed for Dennis.

It’s about time I introduced Dennis.  Dennis is my beloved, incredibly spoilt and completely in charge of the situation Dog.  He’s what I call a ‘Spotweiller’ – in so much that his Mum was a Dalmation but his dad was not!  He’s pretty much my constant companion and sometimes features in my work.  This is him:-Oh and this is me:-

Dressed up for the last PV before lockdown

To put these into perspective this is me and him:-

Dennis and me at the beach

I’ll tell you a bit more about what I’m working on next time.  Thanks for reading thus far 🙂

Sara x 

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