Amethyst Februarys Birthstone

Birthstone Dragon

Introducing Amethyst the Dragon, the birthstone for February

Amethyst is most well-known for its deep chocolate box purple (usually from Brazil) however it comes in many shades of purple from very dark almost black in colour to light airy shades of purple known as Lavender Amethyst.  Amethyst is a form of quartz which starts out as white quartz but due to pressure and heat changes colour producing the lovely array of coloured Amethyst. One type of Amethyst has a unique mix of white and purple which forms naturally and is called dog tooth Amethyst where the amethyst has white and purple chevron markings.

Amethyst can also be found in a delicate clear pink colour this is called Rose de France and one of the more expensive types of Amethyst.

Amethyst also has a variant that is green and is often seen as two separate gemstones; when it is a clear bright green it is of a high quality and valued highly and is called green Amethyst, however this type of Amethyst can also be found in less translucent form of cloudy green with black inclusions which has its own beauty, this is often called Prasiolite.

Amethyst is said to be a stone associated with peacefulness and calming to both the waking and sleeping mind. It has also been associated with the concept of protection from intoxication. Being a member of the quartz family it is also often said to be a healing stone.

Amethyst is linked with many cultural beliefs such as the Roman belief if you drank from an Amethyst goblet you would not become drunk (however it has been postulated that the amethyst cup was used to disguise that the drinker was actually drinking water – and thus would not become intoxicated whilst those around them became drunk). Its deep purple colour is linked with royalty in many countries and is even found in British royal crowns.

Amethyst is also a symbol of one of the twelve tribes of Judah and adorns the breast plate of Aaron in Jewish and Christian scripture.

Amethyst is also used to celebrate the 6th & 33rd wedding anniversary.

The jewellery I have created for this month is made with Amethyst in both its beautiful deep purple and in its calming tranquil colour of Lavender Amethyst.

Gold Amethyst Wire wrapped Statement earrings
Amethyst Chainmail Hand stamped heart Mum Bracelet front

The intricate wirework earrings are made from  gold plated copper wire that contain both deep purple Amethyst hexagons and lavender Amethyst faceted nuggets.

The Bracelet is a silver plated Byzantium style chainmail with beautiful deep Brazilian purple amethyst rounds.

The adjustable ring is made from Rose Gold plated wire woven to form the shank around a hexagon amethyst and three small nuggets that fits snuggly around the finger of the wearer.

No matter what you believe or how you view Amethyst it is a beautiful, elegant stone perfect in all its forms enabling the creation of gorgeous looking jewellery.

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