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Bird Greeting cards by Larryware

All or nothing is the story of my life… either I’m charging at it with all guns blazing, or I’ve given up, procrastinating, while watching funny cat videos on Facebook – or just watching my own funny cat!  But there’s nothing like a good art fair to sort one’s art block out or even the C word which seems to be rapidly approaching – what is it, 100 days until?  So I thought rather then waffle on for all eternity, apologising for my absence in time and space – here are some brand new paintings and what inspired me to create them…

This horse… now horses have always alluded me, I’ve started so many and it’s all gone wrong – but I had a dream of a grey horse galloping through trees of magnolias and here it is… I’ve recently been painting on handmade watercolour paper called Khadi which comes from India and I’ve picked up some watercolour paints again and had a good time!  My trusty uni posca pens comes in handy for a bit of tidying!  This is listed already – yay!

Horse painting by Larryware
Horse painting mounted by Larryware

I have a garage full of wood, wood I’ve salvaged, off cuts from shelves, driftwood and I discovered in my stash an old pine shelf which I cut up and decided to keep the grain of the wood as part of this painting.  Hares have always been my ‘go to’ animals to paint when I’m feeling inspired and these guys just sprang out and as always, I paint in a very spontaneous way, I never know what it’s going to turn out like or what colours are going to happen!  As always, this is a piece of original art and I’d actually be rather sorry to part with it!  But needs must!  This is listed also

When I’m off running – yeah, I do actually enjoy it – I almost always come across our local pair of ravens, chatting to each other on a branch above the lane I run – I’ve always wanted to paint them something special… and here they are!  Again painted on my old shelf wood… it gives such a lovely surface for acrylic paint and then the uni posca pens!  All of my pieces are matt varnished as a protection!  This is listed here.

Speaking of the funny cats… this is my own, my muse, she’s called Sofia – always impatient, wanting to be outside, I take her out on a harness as she’s too precious to be let go and there’s too much wildlife for her to chase and eat!  I often call her ‘Sweet pea’, hence her sitting amongst sweet peas – garden grown of course!  Recently one of my favourite watercolour artists died – Elizabeth Blackadder – she often herself painted her cats surrounded by her garden flowers – this is for her!  This is listed too.

Black cat painting by Larryware
Black cat painting mounted by Larryware

With new paintings, come new greeting cards – find them here

Bird Greeting cards by Larryware
Bird Greeting cards by Larryware
Animal prints by Larryware
Animal prints mounted by Larryware

And even some mounted fine art prints of my latest paintings!  I’m a bit partial to the fox – how about you?  Listed here 

Next time I won’t leave it so long and I’ll bring you my Christmas pieces… there, I’ve typed the word now… I best get on with it!  🙂

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