All about Stormy Bay Design

Hi – I’m Carol and I run Stormy Bay Designs in Stoke-on-Trent in England. Stormy Bay is also the name of my horse.

I specialise in offering beautiful keepsake and memorial gifts that have been created using resin.

I primarily work with preserved flowers but can also include animal hair/fur, ashes etc. You have the option to send me the
flowers from your special occasion (wedding, funeral, christening or maybe a special gift or occasion) or I hold a range of already preserved flowers.

We will work with you to achieve the perfect keepsake that you can treasure.

Here I have added the details of how to preserve your special flowers and how best to get them to me, **really important** please remember to include a note of your name and address or the order number. 

I have compiled a list of FAQ’s that will hopefully answer any questions you might have. If your answer is not here you can just press the’Ask a Question’ button on the shop front and I will get back to you asap. Or email [email protected]

If we want to use own flowers do we pay for item first then send you the flowers?

 Yes, please place the order and then send me the flowers using the instructions above. 

The flowers I wish to preserve are not fresh. Can I dry them myself and send them?

It will depend how old the flowers are. You could dry them yourself or I can preserve them for you if that would help. Please get in touch if you need additional details. 

Where are you based, if we’re dropping funeral flowers off to you for resin art? 

I am based in Stoke-on-Trent. If you are really local then do get in touch to organise dropping them off but in most cases posting is the easiest option.

Do you take specific requests for a colour for a  paperweight or other preservation?

Yes, I can help you get the flowers for your perfect gift.

Are you able to guarantee non-yellowing resin is used to create the keepsakes? 

Yes, absolutely.  I researched a lot of brands and specifically chose one that doesn’t yellow.

How long does it take?

If we are using your flowers the process from start to finish can take 4-6 weeks.

Will the flowers change colour?

Yes – most flowers change in some way.  Some are subtle colour changes but most common are red roses, they tend to go a very dark colour.

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