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⚡️I’ve been a creative soul all my life, enjoyed life as an actor, gardener, primary school teacher, arts project coordinator and now small handmade indie maker.
⚡️I’ve two children, Pip and Bubs, 7 and 4. I started sewing after I had Pip and am entirely self taught. I found a much needed outlet of calm at the helm of the sewing machine.
⚡️My distant family were lace makers, think that’s where the creativity comes from.
⚡️I sew whenever I can.
⚡️Pipcicle started off through gifting pieces I made. It wasn’t until I was asked by recipients to make pieces for them to give as gifts that I thought seriously that my work could be popular.
⚡️I have a humble sewing nookin my conservatory as I love natural light. Often surrounded by a popped rice cereal and wooden train track strewn floor.
⚡️I love a charity shop. From my teenage years in the nineties, with finds of velvet jackets and oatmeal cardigans. All Pipcicle pieces start off as a pair of curtains or dress.

⚡️I love the band Madness, enjoy a tipple of gin and drink copious amounts of tea. My other passion is theatre and part of a local theatre group Now and Then Theatre. My next role being a seamstress, how apt!

⚡️I am in love 😍 with freehand embroidery and love a pop of colour.
Laura x

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