“A yellow flower production” made by me!

Bride-2-B-Textile-art-card-ivory-satin-dress-for Special-Occasion

My name is Hazzy, short for Hasmita. It means smile and throughout my life I have been known for always smiling and laughing and believe me this is a great recipe for a creative mind.

I grew up in the Midlands and the only daughter of a house full of brothers! Tough and eager to get my voice heard, competing wasn’t far away. My siblings and I had different interests and careers in later life but we all had the common denominator, Art. We could all draw, be it aerodynamic cars, portraits and of course dresses for me. Competition was on!

This early passion for art led me to a career in fashion design and one that I still continue to treasure. After 18 years I found myself redundant from a market industry that has changed dramatically. I set up Mimozah in 2014 with a good friend and ex-colleague of mine and set about making bespoke dresses locally, for Special Occasions. I love creating ideas through sketches and turning them into reality, especially for ladies wanting individuality and made to measure. Then the pandemic arrived!

It was during lockdown that I sat down and turned to art and crafting with fabrics (as I had time on my hands and plenty of it!). First I set about making masks for family then selling them locally. Lets say it paid for a second sewing machine and a donation to a local Hospice charity that I volunteer for.

Next came the ideas sitting on my shoulders, these had to become reality. So I took hold of my pencils, watercolour paints, recycled packaging and fabric swatches gathered from my past career and began to create the idea of Special Occasion cards with a twist and I didn’t even need my machinist! I could make it all by myself! A “yellow flower production was born”. After many trials and experiments I feel I have something special to offer to those who are looking for hand crafted cards with a twist. A keep safe gift that can be personalised and individual. Years of skill gained in my profession presented onto a quality card or inside a frame using materials I have around me. I love the art of creating textile art in the form of cards.

Mimosa Bespoke cards for Special Occasions has only just begun…. will keep you posted on developing my range and new evolving ideas!

Thank you all for your attention!

Hazzy 🙂

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